Week 9: Tennessee

Prior to the 2008 season, SC’s record against Tennessee was 3-21-2. Since then the Gamecocks have turned the tables on the Vols and won 6 of the past 10 (and should have won 3 more). As a result of that previously abysmal record, circumstances, and a relocation to Japan, it turns out that I have never actually witnessed a Gamecock victory over Tennessee in person. So I got on a plane a few days ago to remedy that situation. I’ve therefore got a lot invested in the Gamecocks showing up to play later today.

I think South Carolina has the better team, and Vegas seems to agree, as they have the Gamecocks as more than 7-point favorites. SC finally gets D.J. Wonnum back, and I’m excited to see what kind of impact he can have on the Defense. The Tennessee O-line has been atrocious, and they’ll be missing their best player in Trey Smith. QB Jarrett Guarantano might possibly be out of this game with injury. I just don’t think think Tennessee will have enough to beat a rested South Carolina team at night at Williams-Brice, and I’ll finally get to see a win over the Volunteers as SC takes their 3rd game in a row in the series.

Prediction: USC 31 - Tennessee 20. Miss Teriyaki Chicken, who is currently in Azerbaijan for some reason, has the Gamecocks winning 38 - 17.