Tennessee Victory Tour 2018

After witnessing the Gamecocks beat Tennessee for the first time in person, the family and I packed up our bags and embarked on a victory tour through the entire state of Tennessee, wearing nothing but South Carolina Gamecocks apparel the entire way. We crossed the border south of Chattanooga on Monday, and yesterday afternoon stood on the banks of the mighty Mississippi River. A greater act of savage brutality has not been visited upon the peoples of Tennessee since the days of General Ulysses S. Grant.

A nice dusk view of the Tennessee River in Chattanooga.

We also took the time the march directly through the middle of the Vanderbilt campus while covered head-to-toe in garnet and black. I attempted to lock eyes with as many people as possible.

Just inside these gates 22 chalk body outlines were still visible weeks after the Gamecocks had departed.

We finally completed our march of psychological destruction yesterday, and then went to eat some ribs.

The Mississippi River in Memphis, edge of the state of Tennessee.

Great state, this Tennessee. I hear there’s no state income taxes. Well, there’s no wins against the Gamecocks this year, either. Go Cocks.