Most of what I post here is game previews / reviews, but here's a running list of the 'greatest hits' that may be of interest outside of game week.


Wins & Recruiting - an in-depth look at the link between wins an recruiting in the ACC and SEC from 2002 - 2018

South Carolina Owns the Big Ten - illustrating the Gamecocks' dominance over the leaders and legends (of criminal behavior)

Quarterbacks of the 2017 Schedule - more bubble charts!

Jake Bentley vs 1st-Year Rival Quarterbacks of the Past Decade -bubble charts!

1st-Year South Carolina Quarterbacks in the SEC Era - this Jake Bentley fella might be pretty good

Recruiting: 2002 - 2017 - a look at 16 years of SEC East and Clemson recruiting rankings

Football is Hard: All-time Records for Southeastern Teams - a look at records of all major teams in the South from the inception of the game in Dixie through 2014

Food & Miscellaneous

すぐわかるアメリカンフットボール - a guidebook for the Japanese student of the world's greatest game

Big Win BBQ 2.0 - how to make pulled pork in a Tokyo apartment

Big Game Biscuits & Gravy - possibly the first plate of biscuits & gravy on this side of the Pacific

Big Win BBQ - eating BBQ in Tokyo

The Mason Jar - visiting the best (and only???) Gamecock bar in NYC

Cock Brand - the 1929 Japanese Lager of Choice - cool find at the Sapporo Beer Museum