The Mason Jar

I had to travel to New York this week so I wasn't going to be able to follow my usual routine of watching the Gamecocks in the middle of the night from the comfort of my apartment. Given the noon kick-offs that have become the norm this season I wasn't going to be able to arrive in time to catch the Tennessee game live with my normal flight, so I took a red-eye connecting through LAX instead and arrived at JFK around 5AM. After a lengthy nap I made way to the Mason Jar, which is the home of the New York City Gamecock Club. The Mason Jar is conveniently located about 2 blocks from my office in the heart of midtown, on 30th Street near Park Avenue, and I had made a point to check it out on a previous visit. This was my first gameday visit, though, and I wasn't sure what to expect.......


The Mason Jar during the Tennessee game on November 7, 2015.

I must say that I was completely surprised by the size of the crowd. Prior to kick-off the area around the bar was packed, and every seat in the place appeared to have been taken. I'd estimate that 99% of the crowd were Gamecocks. I saw a lot of Lattimore jerseys and Jewelry Warehouse 'Beat Tennesee' stickers were being passed around. There's definitely more SC fans out there in the world than I realized.

If you're ever in NY I recommend checking out the Mason Jar. On gamedays they have a special menu available, and I can attest that the regular menu is great as well. Most importantly the beer selection is deep, and they even have a bartender from Irmo. Check it out.

Next week: live from Williams-Brice.