Week 5: Kentucky

It is obvious at this point that this year’s version of the Gamecocks is not a very good football team. Last week was one of the all-time worst offensive performances, and the defense has been incredibly inconsistent. Kentucky has beaten the Gamecocks 5 years in a row. Some of those losses were to superior Kentucky football teams, others were due to SC playing well below their potential. I can’t remember the last time the Gamecocks looked ready to play for a big night kick-off game at Williams-Brice, and this is one of the lowest energy teams I have ever seen. Despite that the Gamecocks find themselves favored by 3 points. Apparently the Kentucky QB situation is in pretty bad shape, and they can’t kick a field goal. Against my better judgement I’m picking the Gamecocks in this one.

Prediction: USC 28 - Kentucky 21. Mrs. Teriyaki Chicken has the Gamecocks winning 35 - 24.