2019 Season Preview

Football season is here again. Due to a combination of life events, age, distance, and the Gamecocks getting blanked by Virginia in the Belk Bowl, this was probably the least excited I have ever been in the off-season. Having said that, I think this is probably the best team SC will field since 2013. It likely won’t matter much though, as this is the likely the most difficult schedule in the history of the program. Hopefully the Gamecocks will finally be able to win one or two games that they shouldn’t.

Game by Game Predictions

  • North Carolina - W

  • Charleston Southern - W

  • Alabama - L

  • @ Missouri - L

  • Kentucky - W

  • @ Georgia - L

  • Florida - W

  • @ Tennessee - W

  • Vanderbilt - W

  • Appalachian State - W

  • @ Texas A&M - L

  • Clemson - L

I’ve got us at 7-5. I struggled picking a loss against Missouri, but although I think that is a game the Gamecocks should win, I just don’t see us going 8-4 against this schedule and it seems a lot of our past wins against Missouri have required divine assistance. I think Florida doesn’t have the depth to get through the season and will start struggling around halfway through, so I have SC winning what should be a toss-up. If the Gamecocks can get above 0.500 with a win against one of the teams they had no business beating, that should be considered a successful season.

Go Cocks.