Week 2: Georgia

I took a look at the past 8 games in the SC-UGA series a few days ago, but to summarize the Gamecocks are 4 - 4 against Georgia since 2010. I waited too long to start writing this blog, though, as the Dawgs have won 3 straight and I haven't yet been able to hand out any chicken wings for a Gamecocks victory yet. This year is definitely the best chance the Gamecocks have had since 2014, however. Given both teams' issues with experience and / or depth on Defense, the Offense of each team should have an edge. The Bulldogs will try to force the Gamecocks to tackle space, but the good news there is that the Gamecocks were best in the SEC in Week 1 in terms of missed tackles. Overall I think the Gamecocks might have the bigger edge in terms of Offense vs Defense, simply because I don't think Georgia has seen enough to adequately prepare for SC's new Offense.

I know I said just last week that I thought the Gamecocks would lose this one, but after seeing the Offense play even better than I expected against Coastal Carolina I'm going to go with the Gamecocks winning a thriller.

Prediction: USC 34 - Georgia 31. Miss Teriyaki Chicken has it at 28 - 24, Carolina. Go Cocks.