Week 12: Wofford

There's not a whole lot to say about this one. Wofford is an upper echelon FCS team (ranked 8th), and in this game I think that may actually work in our favor. See, Wofford is eyeing a deep FCS playoff run, and with the playoffs beginning next week I'm counting on them to prioritize team health in this one. In other words, this game is not that important to them. They'll certainly play hard and give it a shot early, but they're expected to lose this one and their main goal is to have everyone ready to go for the playoffs. If the Gamecocks get ahead by a few scores early, I can see Wofford sending in the reserves. The main goal for the Gamecocks is efficiency on offense and keeping the DL's legs safe against Wofford's cut blocks. I don't expect this one to be contested heavily in the 2nd Half.

Prediction: USC 35 - Wofford 13. The lady of the house expects USC 31 - Wofford 24. Given that I'm here in SC this week I've got some bonus predictions: Teriyaki Dad has USC 38 - Wofford 21, and Teriyaki Mom comes in with USC 35 - Wofford 17.