Week 1: Vanderbilt

Most years this game would be a given. After 3-9 though, Vegas has the Gamecocks as 4-point underdogs. Vanderbilt didn't have a great season last year either, but they finished ahead of SC by virtue of 2 SEC wins to our 1. Their defense in legitimately good, returns 8 starters, and boasts a likely 1st round pick in LB Zach Cunningham. The Gamecocks don't have anything like that, and are actually one of the most inexperienced teams in the country. Overall I think SC has the talent advantage, and may possibly have better QB play. The biggest factors in this game, however, are punter Sean Kelly and place kicker Elliott Fry. Given the likelihood of offensive ineptitude on both sides, this game will be won on special teams. Prediction: USC 13 - Vanderbilt 10

Bonus prediction: 3 Gamecock QBs will see the field

Watch Shawn Elliott's first and only win as the Gamecocks' head coach below: