USC 34 - UMass 28: Thoughts on Win #3

We may have just found a quarterback

Jake Bentley appears to be as good as advertised. That's not to say he was perfect, but for being only the 2nd QB ever in college football to start as a freshman after leaving high school a year early I can definitely say he exceeded my expectations. He gave us the deep threat we've been missing all year, and this opened up the run game for our most successful day on the ground all year. The fact that the opponent was UMass has to be kept in mind, so as not to get too excited, but Bentley definitely appeared to be the spark on offense we've been missing. In the first 6 games we never scored more than 2 TDs, but we scored 5 on Saturday.

Oh, and special teams.......not very special.

Teriyaki Chicken Wings

Jake Bentley - 3 Wings

David Williams - 1 Wing

Ran for 2 TDs to go with 69 yards on 15 carries. Had a big run of 33 yards early in the game that helped set-up a score.

K.C. Crosby - 1 Wing

Had an amazing catch on Bentley's first TD pass.

Bryan Edwards - 1 Wing

Recipient of Bentley's 2nd TD pass.

Rico Dowdle - 1 Wing

Led the team in rushing with 87 yards and had a TD.

Deebo Samuel - 1 Wing

Led the team in receiving with 105 yards. Had a big 47 yard play that set-up a score.

Bryson Allen-Williams - 1 Wing

Had 9 tackles, a sack, and 2.5 TFLs. Great defensive performance.

T.J Holloman - 1 Wing

6 tackles, a pass defended and pass broken up to go along with a pick off a tipped ball.

Chris Lammons - 1 Wing

Had an interception late in the game

D.J. Smith - 1 Wing

Led the team in tackles with 12, 10 of which were solo.