Week 3: Georgia

Man, I really hate the University of Georgia. The reasons are plentiful: border and division rivals, multiple poor experiences with UGA fans, ambiguous public vs private parking lot open container laws in Athens, REM, etc. Gong 4 out of the last 5 against Georgia is right up there with the Streak against Clemson in my book. I wish nothing but pain and misery for anyone associated with the Georgia program, and to this day I still imagine with glee an insufferable Georgia-loving graduate school classmate crying himself to sleep in his pillow after every Carolina victory.

Unfortunately, I don't think the Gamecocks will be delivering the pain and misery to the Georgia faithful this year. Georgia under Mark Richt has been one of the most consistently awesome recruiting programs in the country the last 10+ years, and while the edge in talent has arguably favored Georgia each of the last 5 years, I think the talent gap this year is just too big to overcome.

On offense, Georgia obviously has one of the best backfields in the nation with Chubb, Michel, and Marshall. They've got issues at the QB position, but are probably still in better shape than SC. The UGA O-line is good and experienced, and next to UNC likely one of the best we'll face this year. The combination of stong O-line play and elite RBs is a dangerous one, and UGA is currently averaging 262 rushing yards per game. Advantage: Georgia.

As for the defense, I think these teams are more evenly matched than they would appear to be at first glance. The strength of the Georgia D is obviously their LBs, and they have one of the best groups in the nation. On D-line the starters have a ton of talent, but there is a lack of depth behind them, and a ridiculous amount of departures have really hurt the secondary. Georgia is currently giving up 250 yards passing per game, only 75 yards rushing, and 14 points (against UL-Monroe and Vanderbilt). This sounds crazy, but the USC offense is the biggest test Georgia has faced so far this season. Advantage: Tie.

Steve Spurrier hates Georgia as much as I do. Every year he saves his best coaching for this game, and this was especially evident last year. In 2015 I don't think it will be enough though. A former walk-on QB making his first start away in Athens, lack of playmakers on offense, and Nick Chubb are just too much to overcome. Vegas has the Gamecocks as 17 point underdogs, which, given the recent history of this series, is pretty stupid. Prediction: USC 21 - UGA 28